Zion Lutheran Church (by Royalbroil, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

Spiritual Preservation Comes in Many Forms

For whom do the bells toll? In Appleton, Wisconsin, it’s for the parishioners of Zion Lutheran Church, and it’s thanks to the sturdy hands

Catholic Leader Tells His Priests To Deny Gay Catholics Funerals

Catholic Leader Tells His Priest To Deny Gay Catholics Funeral Rites

Secret Memo Causing Controversy Over Guidelines For Determining Public Ceremony The phrase “secret memo released” rarely leads to happy information being released. An email

Ted Cruz Screens ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ in Wisconsin

Senator Ted Cruz enjoys a 'God's Not Dead 2' showing during his campaign stop in Wisconsin. Senator Ted Cruz connected with the people of

Madison, Wisconsin Protects Atheists with New Law

Madison, Wisconsin is the first to add atheists to a list of protected classes for employment, housing, and other essentials. There have been many legal

Michigan Sikhs honor lives lost in last year’s attack

Only a year ago, 6 people were killed in Wisconsin while worshiping in a hate attack. Members of a Michigan Sikh community were out