Narendra Modi 2002

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pledges Support for Muslims

In a meeting with Muslim leaders, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi listened to concerns of Muslim communities and Read More

Sunday Assembly Seattle

Seattle’s Sundays are for Atheists too with Sunday Assembly

As atheism gains popularity, Seattle celebrates the non-religion with its own branch of the Sunday Assembly, one of Read More

Rev Robert Schuller

Rev. Robert Schuller of the Hour of Power Passed…

World-renowned televangelist for the Hour of Power and positive Christianity, Reverend Robert Schuller passed away last week. Rev. Read More

John Travolta Going Clear

John Travolta Opens Up on “Beautiful” Experience with Scientology,…

Actor John Travolta gave an interview about his life as a Scientologist and calls out "disgruntled" former Scientologists Read More

Madison, Wisconsin Protects Atheists with New Law

Madison, Wisconsin is the first to add atheists to a list of protected classes for employment, housing, and other Read More