Muslim Brotherhood Cooperating with Investigations in UK

Muslim Brotherhood

Recently, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered a probe into the Muslim Brotherhood due to the rise in concern regarding their involvement in violence and terrorism and the events that have occurred in Egypt over the last few years.

The Muslim Brotherhood, also known as the Society of the Muslim Brothers, is a multinational organization labeled as a terrorist organization by various countries such as Russia, UAE, Syria and Egypt. It was started by Hassan al-Banna, a writer and activist, who had the intentions of reclaiming Egypt from the British and for the Caliphate.

There are various analysts who have openly termed the Muslim Brotherhood as a threat to national security in the UK.  In a response to the investigation, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that it would cooperate with the investigation but also take legal action against any restriction of its activities.  Mohamed Soudan, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, claims they “have nothing to hide” and that they are open to any kind of investigation.

However, another Muslim Brotherhood senior leader, Ibrahim Mounir has warned the British government against the investigation, claiming that if investigation or its proceedings restrict or ban the Muslim Brotherhood in any way, they should be ready for terrorist attacks as any limitations would damage England’s reputation with Muslims all over the world. According to Mounir, while the Muslim Brotherhood is committed towards peace and nonviolent religions proceedings, any actions against the organization would not be taken lightly among the international Muslim community.

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