Demi Lovato

British Advertising Watchdog Says Demi Lovato Went Too Far

In what may prove to be an influential decision in the United Kingdom, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), an advertising watchdog in the UK,

Germany Pays Compensation to WWII Child Refugees

Germany Pays Compensation to WWII Child Refugees

Every survivor will receive about $2,800. The German Government has consented to make a single lump sum payment to the Jewish Kindertransport survivors.[/tweetit] These

How A Humanist Chaplain At U.K. Hospital Is A Startling Change

How a Humanist Chaplain At U.K. Hospital is a Startling Change

What The United States Could Learn from the U.K. The appointment of Lindsay van Dijk as the leader of a team of chaplains at

Sikh Couple to Take Legal Action After ‘Cultural Heritage’ Prevents Them From Adopting

UK adoption agency denies Sikh couple. A Sikh couple living in the UK have reported to the press that they were turned away from

UK Becomes First Country to Institute Holocaust Group’s Definition of Anti-Semitism

The UK is the first to institute the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's anti-Semitism definition. The United Kingdom will be the first country to accept

Sikhs Refusing to Celebrate Diwali in Response to Deaths Last Month

Some Sikhs will observe a Black Diwali after desecration of Holy Book. Visitors to any Sikh dominated area should not expect to see fireworks

America Has the Most Influential Muslims in the World

Of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the world, 40 hail from America. Even if it is not a Muslim or Muslim-majority country, the

Cameron and Modi

David Cameron Appeals to Hindu Community in Re-Election

Likely playing a major role in David Cameron's re-election as British Prime Minister, the leader appealed to the UK's Hindu community during his campaign.

Sikh Manifesto

UK Politicians Show Support for Sikh Manifesto

Sikhs of the United Kingdom have banned together and presented the Sikh Manifesto just before the UK's elections to make sure that their voices

British Christians Influence

Are British Christians Losing Their Influence?

A recent study has found that British Christians are afraid that their faith is losing its influence on their society. The new laws that