Great Decline

Survey Finds Americans are Leaving Religion in Record Numbers

America is experiencing a Great Decline in religious affiliation. The General Social Survey has found that people are Read More

Bali Nine Drug Smugglers Try to Use Their Religion…

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British Christians Influence

Are British Christians Losing Their Influence?

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Catholic Women Still Fighting for a Voice Despite Pope’s…

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St. Patrick's Day

A History of St. Patrick’s Day

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Mistaken Identity: Sikhs Continue to Endure Anti-Muslim Sentiments

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More Americans Leaving Religion

More Americans are leaving religion behind

The number of Americans who are leaving behind religion for atheism and agnosticism is increasing day by day. Read More

Buddha Statue Holds a Surprise Inside for Researchers

Researchers performing a CT Scan were surprised to find a mummified monk inside a Buddha statue. Researchers in Read More

Mexicans Angered Over Pope Francis’ Comments

A letter from Pope Francis to an Argentine lawmaker named Gustavo Vera has angered Mexicans due to its Read More

Florist Will Continue Legal Battle in LGBT Discrimination Case

A florist in Washington who refused to decorate a gay wedding lost in the state Superior Court but Read More