Religious Organizations Respond to Nepal Tragedy

Nepal was devastated by an earthquake. Many religious groups are lending a hand including some charitable Buddhists and Christians. The massive Read More

New #InTheirOwnWords Interviews: Joel Osteen, David Miscavige, and Feisal…

Adding to the #InTheirOwnWords series, today we have three new archived interviews to present. First up, is a Read More

Feisal Abdul Rauf

NPR Interviews U.S. Muslim Leader Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf…

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has faced an onslaught of misconceptions about his belief in Islam, but he pressed Read More

David Miscavige

Scientology Leader David Miscavige: First-Ever Network TV Interview

In his first-ever interview, David Miscavige tackles misconceptions and falsehoods about Scientology. During a 1992 ABC News interview Read More

Interview with Joel Osteen on building a megachurch, his…

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen talks about building a large audience, his partnership with his wife, and carrying on Read More

Pope Francis Baptisms

Pope Francis Tells Priests Do Not Deny Baptisms

Pope Francis defends the children of homosexual families, telling new priests that those children also deserve baptisms if they Read More

Great Decline

Survey Finds Americans are Leaving Religion in Record Numbers

America is experiencing a Great Decline in religious affiliation. The General Social Survey has found that people are Read More