Buddha Statue Holds a Surprise Inside for Researchers

mumified monk

Researchers performing a CT Scan were surprised to find a mummified monk inside a Buddha statue.

Researchers in Holland recently got quite the surprise when they were investigating a Buddhist statue. They found that the 1,000-year-old Buddha statue was home to the body who they suspect is a Buddhist monk. At the Meander Medical Center, a CT scan was completed on the mediating statue as they tried to learn more about their “patient”.The results of the initial scan were rather interesting, showing that the individual within the statue had its internal organs removed and replaced with paper with writing on it. The contents on the paper are mostly unknown, generating even further interest from those following the story. What is known is that the individual encased within the statue was a monk named Liuquan.

A Statue On Loan

Having the meditating Buddhist monk statue on hand was a special occasion. The statue is only in Holland as a part a display for “Mummies: Life Beyond Death” which was at the Drents Museum for the last year. The fact that makes this especially rare is that it is the first time that China has loaned the statue out.

The statue that encases the mummy is made from papier-mâché that is painted with gold and covered with lacquer. It is about the size of an adult sitting in a meditating position. The compartment containing the mummy has been known about for some time, but has only recently been studied. Originally, it was purchased by a private owner in 1996 who wanted to have parts of it repaired. The person restoring the statue was the one who discovered the human remains.

Mysterious Past

There are many questions surrounding the origins of the mummy. Some researchers have suggested that the individual was self-mummified. The individuals who took part in this process would only eat nuts, seeds, and water for a thousand days before beginning another round that was typically fatal. Those who were committed to this practice were considered to have reached enlightenment and were worthy of a certain degree of reverence.

Due to the fact that the mummy had its organs removed, it does not seem that self-mummification occurred in this case. Still, Liuquan appears to have been considered a teacher of enlightenment even after his passing.

The statue is now on display at the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest, and will continue to be shared as its mysteries continue to be unraveled.


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