What Roseanne's Muslim Episode Got Right And Wrong

‘Roseanne’ Cancelled After Racist Tweet About Muslim Brotherhood

ABC swiftly cancelled the show after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet this morning. Roseanne Barr has been no stranger to controversy on social media. She

Upcoming Egypt Presidential Election Needs Christian Support

Upcoming Presidential Election in Egypt Needs Christian Support

The Egyptian president is a secular leader Coptic Christians enjoy near equal rights in Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country.[/tweetit] This was made possible by

1,035% Increase in Anti-Muslim Incidents in Trump’s First 100 Days

CAIR reports a 1,035% spike in Islamophobia. In a survey that examined the profiling of Muslims by the Customs and Border Protection unit, results

What is the role of women in world religions? [Infographic]

A Woman’s Work: Roles of Women in World Religions. How do we view the changing role of women in religion in current times? The

CAIR joins in Veteran's Day Parade

Tulsa’s Controversial Decision to Include Muslim Org CAIR in Veteran’s Day Parade

Tulsa has accepted a float from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), but residents question the organization's links to terrorism. The Council on American-Islamic

Muslim Brotherhood Cooperating with Investigations in UK

Recently, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered a probe into the Muslim Brotherhood due to the rise in concern regarding their involvement in