Amazing Discovery Of The Oldest Version Of The Gospel of Mark

Amazing Discovery Of The Oldest Version Of The Gospel of Mark

Manuscript Is 200 Years Older Than Any Other Found A Greek papyrus published by Egypt Exploration Society is believed to be the earliest historical

Ancient Document Shows Mix Of Islam and Christianity

Ancient Document Shows Mix Of Islam And Christianity

The Document Dates Back To the Eighth Century AD Dr. Eleonore Cellard, a French scholar, has made an “extraordinary” discovery when she searched for

Upcoming Egypt Presidential Election Needs Christian Support

Upcoming Presidential Election in Egypt Needs Christian Support

The Egyptian president is a secular leader Coptic Christians enjoy near equal rights in Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country.[/tweetit] This was made possible by

Persecution of Egyptian Christians

Unprecedented Persecution of Egypt’s Christians

Christians are denied jobs and generally discriminated against in Egypt. A report published by Open Doors, a Christian persecution charity, said Egyptian citizens belonging

Sufi mosque attacked in Egypt

Over 300 Killed in Egypt Mosque Attack

The mosque was a Sufi one About 305 Egyptians, including 27 children, were killed in a gun and bomb attack[/tweetit] when terrorists targeted a

Synagogue in City of 50 Jews to be Repaired by Egypt

Egyptian Government Acts to Support Religious Minorities

Restoration will take a year to complete Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities' Project Sector has given its approval to restore Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue[/tweetit] in Alexandria.

Muslim pilgrims worshipping for Hajj

Saudi Arabia and Qatar Battle over Hajj Pilgrims

Continue Conflict Between Arab Countries The United Nations has received a complaint from Qatar concerning restrictions placed by Saudi Arabia over Qatar pilgrims. The

Cairo Egypt

Pope Francis Makes Historic Visit to Egypt

Main focus of Pope Francis’s visit was violence against Christians; trip included visit to Cairo’s 1,000 year old Al- Azhar mosque. Pope Francis made

The Pope Will Visit Egypt Despite Palm Sunday Bombings

Bombings won’t stop Pope Francis from carrying out his mission of peace. The Vatican deputy secretary of state, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, said the twin

Coptic Churches Bombed on Palm Sunday by ISIS

State of emergency declared in Alexandria and Tanta, Egypt. Around 44 people were killed in Egypt after explosions occurred at the Cathedral of the