NBC Cancels Anti-Christian Show 'Rise'

NBC Cancels Anti-Christian Show “Rise”

NBC Cancels Anti-Christian Show 'Rise'
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Slammed for anti-Christian episode aired during Holy Week

NBC has canceled its drama Rise after critics have accused the program of being a vessel of too many liberal talking points and being anti-Christian. Devout Catholics found the show to be offensive. The show was criticized for an episode that accused Catholics of running from issues such as homosexuality just days before Easter. Dawn Slusher of Media Research Center (MRC) said that it is especially repulsive when an anti-Christian program was aired during the Holy Week. The MRC celebrated its cancellation.
NBC Cancels Anti-Christian Show “Rise”[/tweetthis]

Slusher minced no words when it came to describing the program. She said unlike the title of the drama “every episode in this debut season continued to sink to new lows.”

It is thus a matter of happiness that the show has been finally yanked off the air. The MRC views have been echoed by a number of other publications like The New York Times and Christian Today. When asked about the future of the program, NBC declined to provide information. The media company also did not cite any reason for the cancellation of this drama.

The MRC had problems with Rise from the start. It had condemned the first two episodes for ridiculing Christians. The organization was particularly livid about the third installment of the series. A storyline concerning a Catholic student chosen to play a gay role in a play titled, “Spring Awakening.” The concerned student realizes during the play that he has amorous feelings for another man. His religious parents found out and he was promptly packed off to a strict Catholic institution-St. Francis Catholic School.

Another accusation was that multiple episodes show a priest having “stereotypical gay mannerisms.” There were episodes narrating the tale of a pregnant minor who contemplates having an abortion. Other characters include a transgender teen. Catholics have pointed out several topics which paints their church as particularly homophobic. Many media observers had hoped that Rise will be a worthy successor to This Is Us, a hit NBC drama. This did not happen as the former gathered insufficient ratings.


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