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Scientology Super Bowl commercial lights up Twitter

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Church of Scientology surprises Super Bowl viewers with “Age of Answers” ad.

The Church of Scientology delivered on their Facebook page hint last week that there would be a Super Bowl XLIX ad this past Sunday, and it resulted in thousands of social media users exclaiming their surprise and talking about the ad.

This was not the first time the Church of Scientology paid to have its ad played during the very popular and expensive Super Bowl airtime, as Scientology ads also ran in the 2013 and 2014 Super Bowl games as well.

The new ad, titled “Age of Answers,” featured a voice over on a 32-second clip with the narrator of the ad seeking to guide those feeling lost or in need of answers or personal guidance towards the spiritual technology solutions that Scientology offers.

“We live in an age of searching: to find solutions, to find ourselves, to find the truth. Now imagine an age in which the predictability of science and the wisdom of religion combined. Welcome to the Age of Answers.”

In addition to the Super Bowl commercial, it appears that the church also has a massive U.S. based advertising campaign underway that thus far has included TV, billboards, Times Square buses, and Google ads.

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  • Edwin Dearborn">Alison Lesley
    12:31 pm

    With all the materialism being sold on TV, it is nice to see someone conveying a message of spirituality and hope.

  • Alison Lesley
    12:31 pm

    Awesome ad! I saw it during the super bowl. Very inspiring and beautiful.

  • Alison Lesley
    12:31 pm

    I believe that the people of the world are sick and tired of the status quo and are looking for a more meaningful life a better reason to be here. They are reaching for religion and relooking at faith. Humanity will be much, much better as a result.

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