State of the Union speech 2018

Religious Leaders Praise and Criticize President Trump’s First State of The Union Speech

State of the Union speech 2018
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The President invoked God, as is his new norm.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump's maiden 80 minute long State of the Union speech on January 30 has drawn both praise and ire from the audience.[/tweetit] Trump's opening words can only be described as inspirational, where he described America's soul to be a beautiful one and spine made of steel, before swiftly plumbing down into religious dogma like when he reassured MS-13 gang victims that everyone present in the chamber is praying for them.

Religious Leaders Praise and Criticize President Trump’s First State of The Union Speech[/tweetthis]

The President of the United States highlighted the importance of family and faith. He pledged to protect every individual, regardless of whatever religion and creed they belong to. He repeatedly invoked God in his speech, saying that Americans will always succeed if they trust God, have confidence in American values, and faith in fellow citizens.

The reactions depend on whose side of the political divide they are on. Both concentrate on two of the divisive subjects that defines the Trump administration- religious liberty and immigration reform. Conservatives predictably praised the President. In their words, President Trump's State of the Union speech was “outstanding.” To the impartial observer, they went overboard with their praise, comparing the new President with his predecessors and making the claim that he has done more than previous presidents in his first year and Congress, to their chagrin, has not kept in pace with Trump's supposed achievements.

Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council said Trump, “turned his State of the Union Address into an American pep rally.” He claimed that Trump is a rare person in the U.S. politics who keeps promises made during his election run. The President, as per Perkins, is pursuing policies which makes America prosperous and great. Opinions of the Family Research Council's president was echoed by Mark Levin, the talk radio host. Levin labeled the speech as an extremely outstanding one.

Democrats, conversely, tore Trump's speech apart. Democratic Senator Cory Booker said that the President's mention of religion during his maiden State of the Union speech can only divide the nation. The elected Democrat from New Jersey said that before someone explains to others about one's religion, it is important to see how the person who says it treats other people. He said that Trump used religion during the speech to divide Americans. The Senator also criticized Trump's proclamations of patriotism.


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