Prison Cell

Religion’s Role in the Wild West of Immorality and Irresponsibility by Charles Franklin

Right conduct is a spectrum of action. For many people justice is the most important point on the spectrum. Justice is the society taking

Religious News From Around the Web May 25, 2020

Holy Water Squirting, DOJ: Lockdown Violates Religious Freedom, Church Closures Illegal, Quoting Bible Illegal? Virus Closes Church Again, Separation of Church and State, Ramadan

Whitewater Leadership: Navigating Through Turbulent Times by Michael Sipe

We’re living in truly turbulent times. As a leader, what will guide your actions in the days ahead? How will you calm, encourage and

Churches Say: “You’re not the Boss of Me!”

Pastor Jon Duncan of the Cross Culture Christian Center in Lodi, Calif., has been ordered by the San Joaquin County Department of Health to

Here We Are Again: Confronting the Rise of Religious Persecution

On Sept. 23rd, President Trump convened a meeting on religious freedom at the UN, surrounded by survivors of religious persecution from around the globe,

Multi-City Interfaith March planned to counteract religious violence

LOS ANGELES — In the wake of acts of violence in places of worship, local religious leaders plan a showing of solidarity among people

Researchers and Religious Figures Call for Social Media Changes to Tackle Hate Groups

Measures need to be taken to both identify and end hate speech online. It’s been less than a week since the violent shootings in

Why I Trust L. Ron Hubbard

"He helped me to discover my own purpose. That alone was a lifesaver." Occasionally in the course of a day, I hear disparaging things

International Religious Freedom Roundtable: A Vital Movement in the World Today

Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Urges Grassroots Movement to Bring Together Faiths

"We want to get the various faiths to bind together and to stand for each other's freedom of religion" - Sam Brownback, U.S. Ambassador

Religion vs. Religious Freedom

Religion vs. Religious Freedom

Wayne explores the dilemma: "if one believes salvation is only available through one’s own faith, how do you deal with people of other faiths?"