Pope Francis Says Satan is Real

Pope Francis Says Satan is Real

Pope Francis Says Satan is Real

The pontiff elaborated about erroneous translations

Pope Francis reminded the devout that Satan exists and the devil is not a thing of the past. He pointed out that Satan tempted Jesus Christ and the latter overcame the devil's many allurements. He advised everyone to remember during their temptation moments of what Jesus has done, and how he fought the temptation for everyone. The pontiff said God never tempts, tricks, or traps his children to commit evil or engage in sin. He claimed that God is always with everyone, during tribulation and triumph, and also during moments of sadness and joy.

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The pope spoke of Satan at St. Peter’s Square on May 1, expounding the catechesis on Our Father and analyzed the line “and lead us not into temptation.” The date marks the feast dedicated to St. Joseph the Worker. The pope marked the feast day and prayed that the guardian of Jesus, and a carpenter by profession, would provide support to people sacrificing many dear things to do good and help the unemployed to find reasonable employment. He informed his audience that unemployment is a global tragedy.

The pope’s principal subject was the catechesis. He said that modern translations of the original Greek phrase are unsatisfactory ones and does not precisely render the actual intended meaning. He mentioned that Vatican approved translations in a few languages, including Spanish, French, and Italian, do include phrase equivalents like “Do not let us enter” or “Do not abandon us to temptation,” or simply “fall into temptation.” That the pontiff is unhappy with the present translations already in use is well-known. He even mentioned the issue in a television series in 2017. He pointed out that a few translations of “Our Father” may give many believers the wrong impression of God being capable and had led individuals into temptation.

The pope was strong in explaining the consequence of wrong translation to the general audience. He said that despite the many interpretations, one fact remains undisputed: the exclusion of God as a temptation source which impedes humanity in its long journey. The Almighty does not set traps and snares to give pain to his children. Jesus Christ, in the Gospels, has revealed God as a protective and loving parent. According to the pontiff, Christians have nothing to do with a God who is jealous and competes with humanity. The Almighty does not enjoy testing humans, and the erroneous concept came from pagan divinities.