Pope Francis Slams Trump’s Immigration Policy As “Immoral”

Pope Francis Calls Trump “Immoral” on Immigration

Pope Francis Slams Trump’s Immigration Policy As “Immoral”

Leader Of The Catholic Church Continues To Speak Out For Social Justice

Pope Francis heavily criticized the Trump administration’s policy to separate parents from their children at the United States-Mexico border. The pontiff condemned populism as the answer to the US immigration problem. Trump reversed the policy through executive order on June 20. However, human rights advocates are concerned that children already separated will not be duly returned.

Pope Francis Calls Trump “Immoral” on Immigration[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis has declared migrant issues at the center of his papal policy. In an interview, he said that he was in complete agreement with the statement made by US Catholic bishops calling the separation of children “immoral” and in conflict with Catholic values. The pope added migration problems could not be solved by creating “psychosis.”

Pope Francis has targeted U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies in the past, especially his attitude of zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants, in particular, the criminal prosecution of those who were arrested illegally crossing the US-Mexico border. While there has been no direct response, Pope Francis’ position can create enormous pressure on the Trump administration. The Catholic Church has approximately 1.3 billion members all over the world and is the most prominent Christian denomination in the USA.


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