Is Miley Cyrus Having Hindu Wedding? Top Hindu Leader Says Be Respectful

Hindu Leader Rajan Zed is encouraging the singer to learn Sanskrit as well.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are reputedly getting married this summer. According to an insider, the bride has made her decision on her wedding attire. It is reputedly a non-traditional one, in keeping with the venue of the wedding, a place deep in the Himalayan mountains. If the same insider is to be believed, she has fixed her sights on a red, green and gold Hindu wedding dress.

Is Miley Cyrus Having Hindu Wedding? Top Hindu Leader Says Be Respectful[/tweetthis]

It does help matters that such kinds of dress go along with the nuptials theme. Miley clearly wants to concentrate on her marriage’s spiritual side.[/tweetit] She has clearly extreme interest in Hinduism. The singer first made her interest in the Hindu religion known was in 2012. She had an Om tattoo at that time. More recent proof of her interest in Hinduism was the photos of the singer praying to the Goddess Lakshmi inside her Malibu home. The photographs of the house deity were found on her Instagram feed. Many of her fans wondered if she has converted to Hinduism from Christianity.

It follows that the wedding location will be Nepal. The country is predominantly a Hindu one and its way of life. This will also go well with the image of Miley being a real hippie. She wants to take advantage of it and not spend millions. Guests at the wedding could expect activities like meditation, guitar playing and elephant rides. They could also sleep under a starry night sky.

As expected, many Hindus are intent on explaining to the singer and actress that in Hinduism, the focus of marriage is not only a “physical union,” but a “spiritual union” as well. According to Rajan Zed of Universal Society of Hinduism, marriage in Sanskrit is termed Vivaha and is an important sacrament or samskar. It is also one of Hinduism's highest duties. Marriage is binding not only in this life, but also in the lives which follows this life. The president of the Universal Society of Hinduism suggested that the Miley read a few Hindu scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, and if possible, learn Sanskrit. This is important as Hindu ceremonies are conducted in Sanskrit. The knowledge of the language helps to imbibe the ceremonial spirit as well. 


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