Wonderful statue of Shiva and Sarvati (Image by Erik Törner, Creative Commons 2.0)

Stolen Hindu Artifacts Return Home as Nepal Celebrates Repatriation Efforts

Call it the return of the deities. After being stolen and smuggled overseas for years, dozens of statues depicting Nepal’s revered gods and goddesses

3 Nepalese Christians Arrested in India for Blasphemy

Nepalese Christians Arrested in India for Blasphemy

Three Men from the Neighboring Hindu Nation were Arrested for Allegedly Insulting Hinduism. Three Christians from the country of Nepal have been arrested and

Nepal religious conversions

Nepal Outlaws Christian Conversion, Providing More Protections for Hinduism

Violation of law will bring incarceration plus punitive monetary fines The Government of Nepal enacted a law to restrict evangelism.[/tweetit] Bidhya Devi Bhandari, the

Caste Discrimination Is Turning Hindus to Christianity in Nepal

Caste discrimination and money are causing Hindus to convert to Christianity in Nepal. Nepal's Christian population is rising at a scorching pace.[/tweetit] The claim

This Buddhist Nun’s Music Gives You Spiritual Freedom

Ani Choying Drolma is emphatic that her music is not simply for entertainment. Ani Choying Drolma, the Buddhist nun rock star from Nepal insists

Is Miley Cyrus Having Hindu Wedding? Top Hindu Leader Says Be Respectful

Hindu Leader Rajan Zed is encouraging the singer to learn Sanskrit as well. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are reputedly getting married this summer.

Nepal’s New Constitution Outlaws Evangelism

Nepali Christians prevail after country's first anti-evangelism case is dropped. Under Nepal's new constitution, anything linked to evangelism is outlawed. This dispute along religious

The Hindu Festival of Snakes - Nag Panchami

The Hindu Festival of Snakes – Nag Panchami

The rituals and significance of Nag Panchami. Hindu legend has it that Lord Krishna killed the mythical Kaliya, an enormous black serpent, in the

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Say Nepal Still Needs Help as Government Sells Off Donated Relief Food

Scientology's Volunteer Ministers are still bringing hope and helping Nepal recover from a 2015 earthquake. In April last year, Kathmandu, Nepal experienced a tragic

Happy Holi! The Hindu Festival of Colors

Happy Holi! The Hindu Festival of Colors

Mythological origins and activities of the Hindu Holi Festival. Hindus around the world celebrate the arrival of spring in a very colorful way. It’s