Ganesha Ad

Hindus Are Outraged by An Australian Ad

Conservative Hindus take umbrage at the depiction of Lord Ganesh ostensibly partaking meat A Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) ad promoting lamb as acceptable

Uncharted Lost Legacy Video Game Booth at Conference

‘Uncharted’ is a New Video Game Influenced by Hinduism

Uncharted Lost Legacy Balances Culture with Entertainment Can we learn about religion and culture from video games? The release of a new game for

Hinduism is the Fastest Growing Religion in Australia

Over 600% increase in the Australian Hindu population in 11 years Australia has long been viewed as a Christian stronghold, but it seems that

Is Miley Cyrus Having Hindu Wedding? Top Hindu Leader Says Be Respectful

Hindu Leader Rajan Zed is encouraging the singer to learn Sanskrit as well. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are reputedly getting married this summer.

Will Oklahoma Voters Allow Religious Displays at State Capitol?

Will Oklahoma Voters Allow Religious Displays at State Capitol?

If the ballot initiative passes, more religious groups will ask for permission to erect public monuments, including a Hindu Lord Hanuman statue. On November

Cow Head Left at Hindu Pennsylvania Sanctuary

Cow Head Left at Hindu Pennsylvania Sanctuary

Ethnic intimidation: cow head dumped at a Hindu sanctuary. A cow's head was found outside a Hindu sanctuary in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Police have

Is Angelina Jolie Converting to Hinduism?

Angelina Jolie was seen praying at a Hindu Temple during family vacation in Thailand. Angelina Jolie was seen praying in one Hindu temple at

Anti-Gypsy Sentiment Creates Demand For Dictionary Recall

Hindus are outraged over the definition of Gypsy as "liars and cheats" by 23rd Edition of Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary which was recently released.

Kim Kardashian India

Hindu Leader Says Thanks but #NoThanks To Kim Kardashian

In a blunt tweet, Rajan Zed dismisses Kim Kardashian's cancelled trip to India as a blessing. Amid swirling rumors over the real reason Kim

Religion Israel Palestine

How Religion Can Be the Solution for Israel and Palestine

Religion may be seen as a dividing factor between Israel and Palestine, but focusing on religion can also bring the warring sides together. It