Cow Head Left at Hindu Pennsylvania Sanctuary

Cow Head Left at Hindu Pennsylvania Sanctuary

Cow Head Left at Hindu Pennsylvania Sanctuary

Ethnic intimidation: cow head dumped at a Hindu sanctuary.

A cow’s head was found outside a Hindu sanctuary in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Police have determined it was placed there at some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Cow Head Left at Hindu Pennsylvania Sanctuary.[/tweetthis]

A major belief in Hinduism is that cows should be worshipped. According to Hindu beliefs, cows are very sacred animals as one of their gods, Lord Krishna, is known as the protector of cows. Hindus hold cows in the highest regard and do not consume beef.

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Police stated the charges mounting against the suspect are “criminal trespass, ethnic intimidation, and harassment.” Sources who are close to the sanctuary have reported that there were twenty other cows which were present, but none of them were harmed.

The person who first discovered this cow head was Sankar Sastri, who is responsible for running the sanctuary. Upon finding the cow head, he was shocked. “Maybe it’s a prank,” he said. “I don’t know. Or maybe something else is behind it.”

In a recent report, Sastri has also stated that he would not allow this incident to taint the perceptions people have about Hinduism. He committed to continuing to educate people about Hinduism despite such a disturbing act occurring at his sanctuary.

In Hinduism, there is a belief that the cow was created on the same day that the creator God Brahma was created. Since it is a divine animal, it is referred to as the Mother Cow. It is also the basis of many of the deities which can be found in the Hindu religion. Therefore, to place the head of a cow in a sanctuary is an indirect violation of all the widely held beliefs which people seem to so strongly hold in the Hindu religion.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has also made a statement regarding this incident. He stressed that almost three million people of the Hindu religion reside in peace and harmony. Therefore to commit such an act is destroying that harmony and hurting their feelings. This is something which should be dealt with severe penalties.


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