Last Known Nazi Guard Deported After Decades in the U.S. Dies in Germany

Last Known Nazi Guard, Deported After Decades in the U.S., Dies in Germany

Last Known Nazi Guard Deported After Decades in the U.S. Dies in Germany

Jakiw Palij died in a retirement facility at 95.

Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador, tweeted on Thursday announcing the death of Jakiw Palij, an ex-Nazi prison guard for the infamous concentration camps. According to the North American representative, German officials have confirmed Palij’s death.

Last Known Nazi Guard Deported After Decades in the U.S. Dies in Germany[/tweetthis]

A former Senior Historian of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum provided evidence which led to Palij’s deportation. He was able to discover how the former prison guard gained the right to enter North American borders. He also found out Palij worked as a guard at the Trawniki concentration camp located in Nazi Germany-occupied Poland. The location is infamous as the SS soldiers received training to execute Polish Jews.

In 1949, Palij acquired a visa meant for people who became homeless due to the effects of World War II, which permitted him to enter the United States. While filling out his application, he stated that he worked as a farmer in his father’s plot of land and during the war he found employment as a factory worker.

The only thing the prison guard didn’t lie about in his form is the date and location of his birth. According to the application, he was born in Piadyki, a former Polish village which is now a part of Ukraine, on August 16, 1923.

In 1957, the former Nazi guard became a citizen of the United States of America. Until 2018 he was living within the boundaries of the country, while avoiding deportation for 14 years. However, in 2003, Jakiw Palij lost his American citizenship, due to a decision from a federal judge.

Even though the court wanted to deport the ex-Nazi, no country was willing to take him in. Fortunately, Germany decided to bring the convict to their land in 2018. President Donald Trump made it a priority to evict the former Nazi guard from the United States. He was unhappy with the fact a war criminal was living in the country without facing any consequences.

Sarah Sanders, the press secretary, backed the deportation of Palij. She stated the country wants to make it clear that they won’t turn a blind eye to those responsible for human rights crimes.

The former director of the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations, Eli Rosenbaum, said Palij was responsible for preventing several prisoners from escaping. However, the ex-guard denied these allegations.


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