Russia Deporting to two LDS Volunteers

Russia is Deporting to Two LDS Volunteers for Proselytizing

The LDS members were found guilty of proselytizing. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said two of its volunteers detained by Russian

Last Known Nazi Guard Deported After Decades in the U.S. Dies in Germany

Last Known Nazi Guard, Deported After Decades in the U.S., Dies in Germany

Jakiw Palij died in a retirement facility at 95. Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador, tweeted on Thursday announcing the death of Jakiw Palij, an ex-Nazi

Trump Deports Last-known Nazi Collaborator in the U.S.

Trump Deports Last-Known Nazi Collaborator in the U.S.

WWII Nazi Collaborator Jakiw Palij deported to Germany Jakiw Palij, one of the last surviving Nazi collaborators resident in the U.S., was deported to

Philippines Deports 71-year-old Nun

Philippines Deports 71-Year-Old Australian Nun

Sister Patrica Anne Fox has strongly criticized the Duterte regime Sister Patricia Anne Fox, 71, was given deportation orders by the Filipino Duterte Government.[/tweetit]

“Western civilization is in a war”: Newt Gingrich says ‘Sharia Test’ for Every U.S. Muslim

American Muslims who believe in the Shari‘a law should be deported says Newt Gingrich. In the wake of the attack in Nice, France on