Creator Of Universe

Even the non-religious still think there’s a powerful creator

Creator Of Universe

Religious and non-religious alike, see the hand of the creator in the making of the universe.

creation-nonrelOne does not have to believe in God in order to see a creator’s hand in the making of the human life and the values of morality. In a recent survey across the U.S., the findings of LifeWay Research show that overall most Americans believe there is a creator behind the existence of the human life, one who designed the universe, and defines the rules of morality.

This might not come as a surprise since 3 out of every 4 American has some religious affiliation that teaches them about the existence of the Almighty. The surprise finding in this study was the number of non-religious people, “nones,” that still see the hand of a creator in the design of the universe.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 American adults of which 72 percent overall and 46 percent of the religious nones say that since the universe has organization, there must be a creator who designed it. When asked if the existence of human beings points to a creator, the numbers are nearly the same: around 43 percent of nonreligious people and 79 percent overall say there is a creator.

Even the non-religious still think there’s a powerful creator[/tweetthis]

The other question that was asked was about morality and how the ideas of right or wrong are established in any person. At this point, the numbers came down to 66 percent of the overall surveyed population and 33 percent of nones, who agreed that since all people have almost the same basic idea of morality, there is creator who defines morality for all. The decreased percentage for this answer might be because of the difference in understanding and belief of many people as to what is right and what is wrong.

Another pattern that was seen was the difference of belief in a creator of universe and of morality when it came to different ages. People of and above the age of 45 were more inclined to believe that there is a creator’s hand behind the marvels of human life, universe and morality, as opposed to those belonging to age group 18-44. The gap is especially wide when it comes to the question of morality.

The survey was conducted by phone during the period of September 26 to October 5, 2014. A margin of error of plus/minus 3.5 percent was applied to all the study results achieved. The survey questionnaire was created by the Christian “apologetics” – The term used for arguments of belief.


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