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How Opponents of Christian Nationalism are Mobilizing and Uniting Against its Rise

As Christian nationalism continues to gather momentum in the U.S., numerous Christian and secular groups are intensifying their endeavors to counter the ideology and


United Methodist Pastors Are Worried, Sleepless And Overweight

It’s been a rough few years for the United Methodist Church (UMC). Since 2019 over 6200 congregations have departed over church teachings on sexuality.

Baptists singing hymns

Worship Professor, Will Bishop, Asked What Do Smaller Churches Sing On Sundays – Hymns? Top 40? Oldies? – The Answer: Anything Goes

Sing to the Lord a new song – Psalms 96:1 A survey published in 1939 revealed that the most popular song in churches was


Belief In Santa Claus Among Kids Beats Out Belief in God, the Devil, Heaven and Hell Among Adults

As the numbers of those professing membership in an organized religion continue to decline, so too do those who believe in spiritual entities such

Immanuel Southern Baptist Church in Gillette, Wyoming

America’s Religious Landscape in the midst of a Continuing Exodus, Devotion of True Believers Remains High

If you live in America, the chances are that not only is religion not the most important thing in your life—84% of you—but additionally,

New Survey Shows Evangelicals are the Least Trusted Religious Group in New Zealand

Study Shows Evangelicals are the Least Trusted Religious Group in New Zealand

World events and recent local events in New Zealand likely affected the outcome A new survey released by the Institute for Governance and Policy

Americans Prefer Churches over Tech Companies

Americans Say Churches Have a More Positive Effect on Society than Tech Companies

50% of the U.S. hold a negative attitude toward the impact of tech companies Americans have experienced a major change in their views on

Muslim Influence is Declining in Turkey

Muslim Influence is Declining in Turkey

Pushing political Islam has the opposite effect The results of a survey released by Konda research have made it clear Turkey is going towards

New Gallup Poll Says Religion Is Important to 72% of Americans, While Record Low Thinks Religion Can Solve Today's Problems

There’s a Record Low of Americans Who Think Religion Can Solve Today’s Problems

Belief in religion has reduced over time. A Gallup poll conducted over a period of 10 days (December 3 to December 12) revealed 72

C of E Affiliation Hits Record Low

Church of England Affiliation Hits Record Low

However the 2017 Christmas service was the most attended event in 10 years. When it came to attendance at the Sunday services held by