61% of Americans Don’t Want Muslims to Be Scrutinized Based on Religion

Concerns on terrorism and ISIS are up, but many don't believe all Muslims should be given a hard time. Terrorism, particularly the rise and

Latest Study Finds Most Scientists in the World are Religious

Not all scientists are atheists. More Than 50% of scientists worldwide are actually religious. Researchers at Rice University have done the first international survey

Evolution Is Most Popular in the World Among Young and Non-Americans

PEW Research shows 73% of younger Americans believe in Evolution. There are very few things that have caused a division in the people of

Jesus a myth?

Is Jesus Real or Just A Myth? Church of England Poll Found Surprising Results

Many believe Jesus is "not a real person." The existence of Jesus has received mixed answers according to the recent Anglican Church of England

Creator Of Universe

Even the non-religious still think there’s a powerful creator

Religious and non-religious alike, see the hand of the creator in the making of the universe. One does not have to believe in God

Atheism on the Rise This Year at Harvard

More Harvard freshman are proclaiming they are atheist or agnostic than in years past. The new class of 2019 at Harvard has begun and

Barack Obama Religion

Americans Are Still Unsure of Obama’s Religion

CNN survey shows two points about Obama, his religion and birthplace, are still questionable to Americans. Even as President Obama is nearing the end

Nearly Half of Americans Surveyed are Catholic

A Pew Research survey released last week shows that nearly half of Americans share a connection to Catholicism. Instead of the usual tally of

Majority of Utah Mormons Want to Drop Relationship with Boy Scouts

Several suggest that the church would be better off if it creates a separate yet similar program for the young Mormons. The Boy Scouts

More UK People Believe in Ghosts and Aliens than Believe in God

A recent poll conducted by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in London has revealed that more UK people believe in ghosts and aliens than