trump voters hate islam

Trump Voters Hate Islam and are Extremely Religious

Mental health and religiosity are interconnected United States citizens who voted Republican during presidential elections on 2016 tend to describe themselves as extremely religious.

20% Drop in Christians Identifying with Protestant Denomination

A Gallup poll finds that fewer protestants identify as being part of a particular denomination. According to a recent Gallup poll, more Americans are

LDS Church Surveying its Missionaries to Determine if they Feel Safe

The LDS is using the survey to determine areas of risk and the need to modify any existing guidelines. The LDS church has called

Who Supports Trump Most? Evangelicals Who Go to Church

“The Pews of Safety Harbor Church” by Drew Coffman is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Research findings indicate that churchgoing may have an influence

1,035% Increase in Anti-Muslim Incidents in Trump’s First 100 Days

CAIR reports a 1,035% spike in Islamophobia. In a survey that examined the profiling of Muslims by the Customs and Border Protection unit, results

What do Muslims, Jews, and Protestants Have in Common?

What do Muslims, Jews, and Protestants Have in Common?

No, it's not the beginning of a bad joke. Recent study shows priorities and concerns among Muslims, Jews and Protestants are relatively the same.

Americans Think Christian Persecution is on the Rise

Americans Think Christian Persecution is on the Rise

It is not just the Muslims that think they are being persecuted in America, but the Christians as well. According to a survey conducted

New Survey Examines How Americans Think The Next President Should Talk About Islam

Opinions differ among Americans how the next president should address Islam Mixed reactions and opinions have been witnessed among the Americans regarding how the

Chapman Survey of Fears

Why are Muslims and Immigrants Sources of Fear?

A new study provides insight into the fears of Americans. The Chapman University Survey of American Fears found out that a number of factors

Another Study Confirms Christianity is Fading in America

Christianity is still the majority religion in America, but it continues to decline in popularity. A recent Gallup poll has revealed that one among