Americans Seeking God More Than Religion: What’s the Difference?

Searches for God are much more popular than searches for religion, but what does it mean? A quick Google Trends search will show that

Why do people choose to be a religious “none”?

New study gives deeper insight into non-religious Americans Pew Research Center conducted a study to understand why a portion of Americans don’t affiliate themselves

No Religion, Tops Religious Affiliation Poll in Australia

Islam, Hinduism increasing; number of religious nones higher than Catholics Australia is quickly turning less and less Christian and more Atheist each year.[/tweetit] The

Muslims Births on Pace to Outnumber Christian Births; Hindu and Jewish Population Will Lag

By 2060 Muslims will have 6 million more births than Christians; Hindus and Jews will not keep pace with other religions; Buddhist population will

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The 115th Congress is predominantly Christian. Even though the number of American adults who describe themselves as Christians has declined over the years, the

Only 26% of Americans are Not Christian

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Pagans Celebrate Winter Solstice at Stonehenge Now that Christmas is right around the corner, Britain is gearing up for the year’s most-awaited holiday. While

Children of Divorce Are More Likely to Become Religious ‘Nones’

Children of Divorce Are More Likely to Become Religious ‘Nones’

Study shows link between children of divorced parents and the loss of their religion. The number of Americans who are moving away from religion

Why are Religious 'Nones' Increasing in America?

Why are Religious ‘Nones’ Increasing in America?

Research indicates a possibility that people identify themselves as religious 'nones' because they perceive it to be socially more acceptable. A new trend has