Churches Now Included in Oklahoma "Stand Your Ground" Law

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma “Stand Your Ground” Law

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma "Stand Your Ground" Law

The state already allows lethal force against break-ins.

The state of Oklahoma recently included churches in its list of places where any citizen could use lethal force to combat a violent intruder[/tweetit].  A bill signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin has made this possible. Supporters of this bill said they believe residents of the state have every right to expect total safety within their churches.

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma “Stand Your Ground” Law[/tweetthis]

Oklahoma already permits the use of lethal force against any person who tries to forcefully or adopt unlawful means to enter an individual's home, place of business, or cars with passengers or driver already inside. Deadly force can be used against any person who tries to remove any other person who is not in the custody of the first person in such places. The signing of the expansion of policy into law means that church or any place of worship is now included among locations where Oklahomans have right to expect complete safety.

Governor Fallin, a Republican, is now considering yet another bill which will permit citizens to open carry without training to use a firearm or a gun license. The state has accelerated its training on tackling active shooters since November. The trigger for this initiative was a gunman, who was later found to be arrested multiple times for domestic violence, started to shoot on a congregation at a Sutherland Springs, Texas Baptist church.

Churches all over Oklahoma putting their congregants through active shooter drills have increased by 500 percent from the time of that attack. The first drills were made after the October 1 Las Vegas massacre. Stephen Paddock, the shooter, used modified semi-automatic rifles to fire like automatic firearms.

The state of Oklahoma's approach is different from the response to February's Parkland, Florida shooting. Students from all over the United States asked for increased gun control. They wanted fewer guns on the street. The activists did not advocate a rise in the number of guns which will be bought by people who can respond to an active shooter situation. The latter is what the Oklahoma Governor wants to do. It is natural that Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation responsible for the issuance of handgun licenses has expressed concern.


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