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How Changing Demographics of Italian Villages Have Taken Their Toll on Magnificent Churches

Photo stories on the Metropolitan Museum and Smithsonian websites this month pay homage to the beauty of Italy’s village churches—at least 1,000 of which

Americans Prefer Churches over Tech Companies

Americans Say Churches Have a More Positive Effect on Society than Tech Companies

50% of the U.S. hold a negative attitude toward the impact of tech companies Americans have experienced a major change in their views on

Secularization: Canada Set to Shut Down a Third of Its Churches

Secularization: A Third of Canada’s Churches Will Close

Almost 9,000 churches will close in Canada. While Canada has been a religious nation in the past, low numbers of worshippers at many of

Missional Wisdom Foundation Aims to Help Dying Churches in the U.S.

Thousands of Churches in the U.S. are Being Converted into Condos, Bars, and Hotels

High costs and lack of attendance are forcing churches to close down. America is facing a strange problem, where a large number of churches

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma "Stand Your Ground" Law

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma “Stand Your Ground” Law

The state already allows lethal force against break-ins. The state of Oklahoma recently included churches in its list of places where any citizen could

FEMA Chruch public aid fund

FEMA Allowing Churches Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey to Apply for Aid

The Trump administration made the changes The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under Trump administration announced a policy change on January 2, 2018. This

Churches become breweries

On The Eighth Day, Man Created Beer – Breweries Popping Up in Old Churches

Church authorities screen buyers to preserve the gravitas of the building A number of breweries have come up in former church buildings.[/tweetit] The reasons

New Jehovah’s Witness Headquarters Hosts First Open Houses

Jehovah's Witnesses are conducting a series of open houses at their new headquarters outside New York City. The Jehovah's Witness denomination is among the

Did You Know Your Church May Have a Hidden Bowling Alley?

Did You Know Your Church May Have a Hidden Bowling Alley?

As early as 1860, churches with bowling alleys were already becoming common across the Midwest and in the Northeast. Churches are more than religious

Kenyan Churches are Being Painted Yellow in a Display of Unity

Kenyan Churches are Being Painted Yellow in a Display of Unity

Painting houses of prayer the color of hope: yellow. The world as we know it is burning with interreligious violence and hatred. While religious