Christian Nationalism and Gun Control

Christian Nationalists Remain Vehemently Opposed to Gun Control

It permeates across religious divides. A substantial number of U.S. residents lose their life due to shootings, and this happens almost every day. As

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma "Stand Your Ground" Law

Churches Now Included in Oklahoma “Stand Your Ground” Law

The state already allows lethal force against break-ins. The state of Oklahoma recently included churches in its list of places where any citizen could

“For Heaven’s Sakes” People Don’t Need Automatic Weapons

Even Pat Robertson Says “For Heaven’s Sakes” People Don’t Need Automatic Weapons

Pat Robertson urges stricter gun control laws Pat Robertson, the televangelist known for his hawkish conservative views seemed to have a change of view

Obama Fires Back at Trump’s “Dangerous Mindset”

President Obama denounces Trump's Muslim ban. In the wake of the Orlando massacre, Donald Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, expanded

Samantha Bee’s Searing Response to the Orlando Shooting: Praying Isn’t Going to Fix This

"We pray after each mass shooting and yet they keep happening. Maybe we’re not praying right." -Full Frontal's Samantha Bee The Orlando massacre that

Cupich: Surging Gun Violence has Turned Streets into Battlefields

Regarding gun violence, Chicago's Catholic Archbishop says the intent of the second amendment "has been perverted." Writing in the Chicago Tribune, His Excellency Archbishop