“For Heaven’s Sakes” People Don’t Need Automatic Weapons

Even Pat Robertson Says “For Heaven’s Sakes” People Don’t Need Automatic Weapons

“For Heaven’s Sakes” People Don’t Need Automatic Weapons
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Pat Robertson urges stricter gun control laws

Pat Robertson, the televangelist known for his hawkish conservative views seemed to have a change of view concerning gun control.[/tweetit] The change in his thought processes occurred after 17 people were killed at a high school in Florida. Robertson's turn around is notable as he is a gun owner himself. The televangelist prefers people to have guns when it comes to gun control debates. He famously said in 2014 that those blessed are people carrying weapons.

Even Pat Robertson Says “For Heaven’s Sakes” People Don’t Need Automatic Weapons[/tweetthis]

Robertson surprised everyone when he said during The 700 Club that although he has no problem with people carrying weapons, he does not want the general population to have them all the time. He requested a complete ban on a certain piece of gun equipment colloquially known as “bump stocks.” This attachment converts any semi-automatic gun to an automatic one. Many shooters have used bump stocks to kill people. Stephen Paddock used the same when he slaughtered 58 people in Las Vegas. Hundreds of ordinary people were injured. Robertson also asked for comprehensive background checks before allowing anyone to own a firearm. He advocated a medical check for the gun applicants over and above the standard ones. He added that it is logical to deny a gun license to a person who is on medication, or under the care of a psychiatrist. The aim of all these precautions is that only a sensible person should get the firearm license.

Robertson was not always like this. His voice was known to many engaged in the gun debate as a shrill supporter for gun ownership rights. He is even known to encourage worshipers in churches to come fully armed. The televangelist has linked the Texas church mass shooting in 2017 to anti-depressants. He even urged people not to take advantage of the attack and favor gun control.

Robertson said during earlier shooting events that gun control advocates should not politicize such shootings. He had said that control of firearms is not necessary. Only recently, the 87-year-old appears to vary his stance. He said that since the shooter at the Florida school massacre had an AR-15 semi-automatic, and it is not an automatic firearm, these kinds of guns will remain unaffected by such a ban.


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