Priests Turned Away From Bar After Being Mistaken for a Bachelor Party


After realizing their mistake, the pub treated the clergy men to free drinks.

The City Arms pub in Cardiff, England, requested seven Catholic priests to leave after staff mistook the group for a stag party. The men of the clergy had visited the pub to toast Father Peter McClaren on his ordination. The situation ended on a happy note when Matt Morgan, the assistant manager, did things right afterward when the group received a round of drinks free of cost.

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The priests wore a black and white ensemble which the pub staff thought of as fancy dress at first. Since the management of The City Arms had trouble with weekend bachelor parties, the natural decision at that time was to ask them to move to another pub. The seven priests visited the pub after the ordination of Father McClaren at the Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral of St. David. The Cathedral is located nearby on Charles Street. The pub was a favorite of many a clergy, including George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff.

According to people in the know, the priests arrived at the pub dressed in their clerical collars. The doormen mistook them for a stag party and informed them the establishment has a policy of not entertaining stag parties and patrons who come in wearing costumes. The priests then started to leave when the bar manager approached them. He asked the priests whether they are actual clergy. After the group replied in the affirmative, they were welcomed back. When the priests entered the pub interiors, the other patrons gave them a round of applause. To make up for their slight behavior, gave a free round to the priests.

The group then stayed in the Cardiff pub all afternoon. They drank and chatted with the customers. According to Morgan, the priests were of a sporting nature. They saw the funny nature of the whole situation and did not pursue the matter further. A spokesperson for Archdiocese of Cardiff released a statement. The statement reads the Catholic Church wanted to offer thanks to The City Arms pub. It further added that the pub was a good establishment and proved its worth all through the event. The church appreciated the nice gesture accorded to the seminarians.


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