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UFO Visits Chinese Monastery and Ukrainian Synagogue

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Was it a ghost? An extraterrestrial? UFO appearances have been caught on camera at a Buddhist Monastery and Jewish Synagogue.

Buddhist monks in China have reportedly sighted a UFO at their monastery in China. The visitation which occurred around 11 p.m. took place in the Baita Temple located in Anhui, China and was captured by surveillance cameras. In the footage of the UFO, a saucer shaped object is seen hovering around the temple before entering the temple hall where it hovers at an increased frequency before flying off away from the camera’s reach. The incident has elicited both skepticism and excitement about the possibility of an extra-terrestrial or paranormal visit. To the monks however, they have been left astonished with the strange sightings.

The first person at the scene, Father Shi Xing Kong said he was responding to the alarms which went off when the UFO flew in to the Temple’s main hall. When he first got outside, he could not see anything out of place, but after looking at the security monitors he was surprised by the UFO which is seen as a bright white saucer shaped object. The discovery was only possible after the object got into the main hall where infra-red alarms were located and were triggered.

The sighting as expected has triggered off a debate and speculation online as to what could the UFO actually be. To many skeptics, it is not an extra-terrestrial visitation. Several explanations have been put forward although none quite explain everything and others have already been dismissed. For instance, one explanation is that the object was likely caused by some pranksters using a remote controlled device like a drone or toy plane. However the shape, and the heavy downpour that night rule out such a cause. To others, the image was certainly caused by a ball of lightening given the weather and the bright light. This has been dismissed by a meteorological expert who says such a ball of lightening would have lasted only few seconds and not the several minutes that the image is seen in the footage.

The meteorologist offered his explanation of the incident sighting an insect to be a possible cause. The expert cites previous experience with such videos where an insect flies close to the monitor and causes the glaring effect. This too has not convinced many and given the lack of a cause that explains all the aspects captured on the footage, people on social media have continued to speculate on the probability of an alien visit.

A synagogue in Ukraine had a similar experience. Rabbi Michael Oishie of the Zaporizhia synagogue shared CCTV footage that depicted another ball of light floating around that looks a lot like the one that appeared in China. Viewers of this footage posited that angels or ghosts might be making appearances at religious institutions. It was also suggested that these UFO appearances are instances of “ball lightning” which is a natural observed phenomenon which still does not have an explanation, although several hypotheses have been proposed over the years.


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