'Star Trek': 50 Years of Humanist Values

‘Star Trek’: 50 Years of Humanist Values

This article was original published in 2016. Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek and the humanist themes within the series. Media today is full

Aliens: The New American Religion?

Aliens: The New American Religion?

35 percent of Americans believe in the existence of aliens For Americans, the year 2019 is an excellent time to believe in extraterrestrial life.

A Religion Based On Alien Incarnation?

A Religion Based on Alien Reincarnation?

Even as the religion is gaining traction in the world, it is not being well received in Brazil. A new Brazil-based religion is combing

Aliens Exist and They Prove God Is Not Real

Aliens Exist and They Prove God Is Not Real

Religions Have Too Many Holes With Extraterrestrial Life As we learn more about our universe, the possibility of extraterrestrial life becomes more likely. Astronomers

If AI is a Threat to Christianity, How Might the Catholic Church Adapt to it?

The Catholic Church survived the Heliocentric and Evolution theories, will it survive an age of AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality steadily gaining

Pope’s New Interview: Aliens, Canonization, Climate Change

Pope Francis talks about NASA's discovery, climate change and canonization in a new interview. Following last month's visit to the U.S., Pope Francis was

UFO Monastery

UFO Visits Chinese Monastery and Ukrainian Synagogue

Was it a ghost? An extraterrestrial? UFO appearances have been caught on camera at a Buddhist Monastery and Jewish Synagogue. Buddhist monks in China have

More UK People Believe in Ghosts and Aliens than Believe in God

A recent poll conducted by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in London has revealed that more UK people believe in ghosts and aliens than

Religions and Extraterrestrial Life

Religion and Aliens: How Extraterrestrial Life Might Affect Religious Beliefs

Astronomy professor David Weintraub’s new book explains what leaders of the world’s major religious affiliation believe about the possibilities of alien life. The question