A Religion Based On Alien Incarnation?

A Religion Based on Alien Reincarnation?

A Religion Based on Alien Incarnation?

Even as the religion is gaining traction in the world, it is not being well received in Brazil.

A new Brazil-based religion is combing elements of Christianity, Judaism, Egyptian, and even Incan religions to form their own belief system, and they are gathering steam. Right now, there are 800,000 adherents of “Vale do Amanhecer” (Sunrise Valley), throughout the world, and their belief system is leading some to have a range of emotions. Some people believe the group is interesting while others believe that the religion is more cult-like.

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The issue that is most often raised with people in the Sunrise Valley religion is that their core belief is centered on something odd, that they are reincarnated aliens. Their beliefs include the notion that aliens had come to earth about 32,000 years ago with the lofty goal of helping to advance humanity towards better things. Over time, the aliens’ descendants reincarnated themselves until they have reached their present state which is now called “the Jaguars.”

The entire religion was established beginning in 1959 when Aunt Neiva experienced psychic episodes and was later guided by Pai Seta Branca towards understanding her visions. The result has been a religion that is growing quickly, flashy, and interesting from the inside and the outside. In fact, the religion is one of the fastest growing in all of Brazil. There have been 600 temples developed in dedication of the Sunrise Valley religion around the world.

The rituals of the religion combine many elements of the aforementioned religions and cultures. In addition to the wearing of colorful garments, the rituals involve having two mediums. One medium has to make a spirit manifest, while the other works to instruct the spirit and release it into the spirit world where it will be benign. Not only does this help the spirit, but it also helps relive the karma debt that was incurred by the mediums that perform the ritual.

While the religion is gaining a lot of followers throughout the world, the fact is that it is not being well-received in Brazil. Many of the mainstream religions have a tendency to denounce the religion and think of it as a cult. Regardless, the group is attempting to keep bringing in new members for recruitment and spiritual healing.


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