A Religion Based On Alien Incarnation?

A Religion Based on Alien Reincarnation?

Even as the religion is gaining traction in the world, it is not being well received in Brazil. A new Brazil-based religion is combing

Brazilians Turning to Evangelical Church

Conservatism is on the rise in Brazil. The evangelical church has captured huge tracts of spiritual territory in Brazil[/tweetit], a predominantly Catholic nation. The

Will Priests Soon Be Allowed To Marry?

Will Catholic Priests Soon Be Allowed To Marry?

Pope Francis wants to change ancient tradition of celibacy. Pope Francis has requested Catholic priests be allowed to marry. This is because of the

Video Game Overwatch Sparks New Religion

Video Game ‘Overwatch’ Sparks New Religion

It's bein used As A Form Of Protest in Brazil What constitutes a religion? Mateus Mognon, a Brazilian video game player is exploring that

Rio Olympics will Provide Multi-faith Spaces for Athletes to Encourage ‘Brotherhood Between Religions’

2016 Rio Olympics welcomes all religions with their prayer spaces. The Olympic Games sees one of the biggest gatherings of people from all over

Confession Time: Penitential Celebrations Around the World

Confession Time: Penitential Celebrations Around the World

Faith and love of God dominated the penitential walk of a 95-year-old priest ahead of Pope Francis' penitential celebration on March 4. It has

Rocking with God in Rio’s Heavy Metal Church, Metanoia

And God Said...There Will be Headbanging! The noticeboard hanging outside Metanoia Chapel gives a hint on how the religious edifice differs from its counterparts

Pope Francis Removing Bishops

Pope Francis is Removing Seedy Bishops in an Effort to Clean Up the Catholic Church

The Pope organized a Vatican commission that determines the policies for the overall Church to follow and several bishops have been removed as a

11-Year-Old Rio Girl Attacked Leaving Religious Celebration

Members of Brazil’s growing evangelical movement are increasingly threatening to followers of Candomble after 11 Year old Rio girl attack. Kaylane Campos, 11, was

Vishnu Beer

Upset Hindus urge withdrawal of Lord Vishnu beer of Brazil

Upset Hindus have urged Brazil based Cervejaria Colorado to apologize and withdraw its India Pale Ale beer carrying the name of Lord Vishnu, calling