Thich Nhat Hanh Will Return to Plum Village as Health Continues to Improve


Good news coming from has it that Thich Nhat Hanh, the revered Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was inflicted with a deadly brain hemorrhage back in November 2014, has shown fantastic improvement on his health in the past week.

The renowned teacher and author is said to have improved in health so robustly that he has been granted an approval by his team of doctors to move back to his Plum Village hermitage.

Thay, as the spiritual leader is fondly called, has spent the first months of 2015 at the Specialist Stroke Rehabilitation Clinic in Bordeaux, southwest France, struggling to recover his health and strength, after waking up from a 2-month long coma that rendered the monk incapable of any form of responsiveness and speech.

Thay registered his wishes of going back home to his doctors, and he has since arrived home to the fanfare of his followers and well-wishers on April 3 after the approval was given by his team of specialists.

Thay will continue to be watched closely by his devoted team of monastic attendants and visiting doctors, as he enjoys the beautiful magnolia blossoms in the ever-peaceful environment of Plum Village. Thay is currently undergoing speech therapy and on-site physical therapy to help him recover his ability to speak and swallow easily. Hopefully Thay will continue to show more improvements to his hemiparesis treatment.

“The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village” thanked the world for their passionate support for Thay during these times, and have called for continued prayers for a speedy recovery.


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