SatJot and Ravinder

How to Balance Your Relationships with God and Your Husband: A Sikh Experience

SatJot and Ravinder
SatJot and Ravinder, © 2013 Austin & Dara Photography

In an interview with SikhLoveStories, SatJot Kaur Khalsa describes how her husband inspires her faith.

SatJot Kaur Khalsa, is a housewife, a mother, a Kirtan player and coordinator at her gurdwara and a gurdwara manager at the 3HO’s International Women’s Summer Camp. Professionally, she works as a licensed financial planner and is an associate producer for the Double Exposure Distribution.

For SatJot Kaur Khalsa, her relationship with God and her husband co-exist and are intertwined with each other. But that’s not it. The beauty of her spiritual relationship with God influences her relationship with her husband for the better. It also motivates her to accomplish what most are afraid to do in their lives.

SatJot is a modern Sikh woman, and she feels great about it. She holds her beliefs close to her heart and her husband is the major source of inspiration that encourages her to find and maintain a balance in her appearance as a Sikh woman in the west. SatJot says it’s rare to find a person who not only showers you with love and care but also brings you closer to God in a spiritual way. SatJot considers herself lucky to have found her husband, Ravinder, who helped her find not only an intimate spiritual relationship with God, but also helped her to balance her life between her beliefs and the modern world. The couple does their Rehras Sahib paths together, reads their prayers together and draws positivity from each other to tackle the chaos of fast-paced American life.

For SatJot, her husband Ravinder has made it possible to explore a beautiful spiritual relationship with him and God at the same time. He has led her to the belief that these relationships can co-exist with each other very harmonically and influence one another for greater positivity.

Ravinder admires SatJot for the amount of seva (community service) and kirtan (devotional singing) she does on a regular basis.

There aren’t many people who can achieve such a wonderful balance in their religious beliefs and their practical lives, but for SatJot Khalsa, her husband has been her inspiration and her pathway to an intimate relations with God. For a modern Sikh woman like SatJot Kaur Khalsa, there is nothing more elating and more satisfying than having a partner who will bring you closer to God and be with you all the way.

SatJot Khalsa is currently living in Los Angeles and working on a documentary about Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to America.


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