Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Mediation in Public Schools

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Meditation in Public Schools

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Mediation in Public Schools

The ACLJ has claimed “mindfulness” is against the Christian religion.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an advocacy group batting for Christian beliefs, has taken a stand protesting meditation in public schools. As per the ACLJ, the practice of meditation crosses the state-church separation ordinance. The organization also claims the tenets of meditation go against the Christian religion. Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of ACLJ. He is more well-known to Americans as a lawyer on President Donald Trump’s personal team. Sekulow, ironically, opposes the separation of church and state.

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The ACLJ stated several public schools have begun going “down a slippery slope by incorporating Buddhist meditation practices in the classroom.” It asks parents a few rhetorical questions like how will they feel if their children were asked to follow Hindu and Buddhist practices such as closing their eyes and training their minds to clear them of all thoughts and memories, so they can float away on imaginary clouds. The problem with the ACLJ questions is that the points raised by them cannot be termed religious by any means. The advocacy group is clearly trying to raise fear among the audience.

The ACLJ has forgotten that thinking happy thoughts and clearing the mind, or as it’s termed in Buddhism “mindfulness,” is not unique to Eastern religions. Christianity promotes similar concepts to its adherents. The advocacy group is clearly ignorant of such matters, and this has led them to begin a petition which urges would-be signers to give their consent to halt Buddhist meditation activities within public schools.

The ACLJ is not known for its secular credentials. Rather, it's the opposite. The group has earlier opposed the installation of the display by The Satanic Temple (TST) in the Illinois State Capitol, set up a few feet away from a Christian Nativity scene. The only positive aspect from all this brouhaha is the organization is actually in a twisted sort of way, promoting secularism. One thing is sure; all these actions will not bear fruit as they are misguided attempts to bar practices which may actually help children as they find the goodness within themselves.


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