How Bibles Are Smuggled Into North Korea

Religious News from Around the Web July 20, 2020

Uighurs under China Suppression, Governor Orders Churches Closed, Bibles Ballooned Into North Korea, Vatican Issues Sex Abuse Reporting Guide, The Talmud and the Cancel

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Mediation in Public Schools

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Meditation in Public Schools

The ACLJ has claimed "mindfulness" is against the Christian religion. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an advocacy group batting for Christian

Hungarian Government Prepares to Rescue Persecuted Christians

Hungarian Government Prepares to Rescue Persecuted Christians

Hungary aims to aid and defend Christians persecuted by ISIS. Hungary has announced a new initiative to fight forces that discriminate against and persecute

In God

“In God We Trust” on U.S. Currency is Being Disputed in Court

The religious symbolism on U.S. Currency directly violates the distinction between church and state. A federal lawsuit was filed during the second week of

Jesus Statue to Remain on Montana Mountain after Appeals Court Rules against Atheist

Court rejects FFRF argument that “Big Mountain Jesus” monument sitting on federal land is a violation of the establishment clause of the first amendment.

ISIS Burning Christian Artifacts

ISIS’ Stolen Artifacts and Torture Chamber Churches

ISIS has stolen ancient religious artifacts and converted churches into torture chambers in their ongoing war. ISIS has, in the past, taken to terrorizing religious

Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy, May Be Freed

Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death for her beliefs may be released pending court appeal. There may be some good news in