Religious News from Around the Web, Feb 3rd 2020

Iran vs. Religion, Mass Wedding, Same-Sex Adoption, Religious School Funding, Christians Released, Should Churches Report Child Abuse? William Barr Warns of Militant Secularism, Catholic

Massachusetts Proposes Removing ‘So Help Me God’ from Oath

Proposed Bill calls for the secular Quaker oath It is not uncommon for people to have to swear oaths in court or when they

Tiwa Adebayo Notre Dame Cathedral

What Does the Outpouring of Grief Over Notre Dame Say About Our Relationship with Religion?

Modern day Europe has been described as a "post-Christian society." So why did we have a meltdown at the sight of Notre Dame Cathedral

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Mediation in Public Schools

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Meditation in Public Schools

The ACLJ has claimed "mindfulness" is against the Christian religion. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an advocacy group batting for Christian

Paradox of the aggressive secularism: exclusion of religion from public life politicizes the Church

In spite of the reviving interest in religion among Europeans, the materialistic ideology still dominates our media. Church dwells on the margins of society.

Could this Muslim Writer be Germany’s Next President?

Muslim writer Navid Kermani is being considered for the next president of Germany. Germany will be shocking the world with another surprising piece of

Iconic Jewish Leader Esther Jungreis Passes at 80

Iconic Jewish Leader Esther Jungreis Passes at 80

Founder of Jewish Hineni Movement Esther Jungreis passed away last week. Ester Jungreis, the woman the New York Times dubbed “The Jewish Billy Graham,”

University of Miami Starting Department to Study Atheism

University of Miami affirms America's first academic chair for Study of Atheism The Appignani Foundation recently donated an amount of $2.2 million to the

France Changing Secularism Teaching to Combat Extremism

To stop radicalization, France overhauls secularism teachings. A year post “Charlie Hebdo” attacks by terrorists, French officials are quick to accelerate efforts made to

“Secularism is a religion” according to the American Renewal Project

Secularism is one of the primary rivals for Christian conservatives. Christian conservatives are fighting for the right to further their faith while they are