Could this Muslim Writer be Germany’s Next President?

Muslim writer Navid Kermani is being considered for the next president of Germany.

Germany will be shocking the world with another surprising piece of news- the next president could be a Muslim.

Could a Muslim Writer be Germany’s Next President?[/tweetthis]

Germany has had a history of mostly Protestant presidents. The current president, Joachim Gauck, was himself a Lutheran pastor. However, the nation is moving towards an age of absolute secularism. This development is highlighted by the president’s observation that it is not necessary that the future president should be a Christian, or even a religious person at all for that matter.
So far, three names were rumored to be possible choices for president. Two are Protestant Bishops and the third is a Muslim writer. Wolfgang Huber, the former bishop of Berlin and Margot Kaessmann, the former bishop of Hanover have both declined the offer to be chosen as president. Muslim writer and Islamic scholar Navid Kermani is being discussed as a potential candidate. The 40-year-old has declined to give an answer about his possible future role as Germany’s leader.

While the role of the German president is not necessarily one of function, but more of tradition and representation, Kermani is viewed as an ideal choice because of the eloquence of his speech and writing, as well as deep understanding of various social and political issues.

Whether or not Kermani becomes the next German president, the more important fact to focus on is that a Muslim has been considered for the highest post in Germany, despite the rise in extremism and Islamophobia.


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