Faith-based Adoption Agency Will Now Place children in LGBT Homes

Is Spirituality the Fountain of Youth? by T. Riggs Eckelberry

What is it about spirituality that makes people look younger? Ten years ago, I stepped out of an elevator at the Scientology church where

Bill Proposed to Require Florida High Schools to include Bible and Religion Elective Courses

Florida Bill Requires High Schools to Offer Bible and Religion Courses

If passed, the bill will take effect on July 1, 2019. Kimberly Daniels, the elected Democratic Representative from Jacksonville, has sponsored bill HB195 to

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Mediation in Public Schools

Christian Advocacy Group Petitions Meditation in Public Schools

The ACLJ has claimed "mindfulness" is against the Christian religion. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an advocacy group batting for Christian

Aaradhya Sharma

Aaradhya’s India: The Whole World Is Our Family

A 7-year-old girl shares her pride in her home country, India, in a video posted to Facebook. Scientologist Wayne Hanson, a regular contributor to

Study Shows Religious Upbringing Results in Better Health and Well-Being

Children with religious education have fewer chances of engaging in substance abuse An American Journal of Epidemiology study shows children with a religious upbringing

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Graham requested prayers to convert Kate Brown. Evangelist Franklin Graham recently held a rally in Oregon where he asked the people gathered to take

How Meditation Saved Thai Boys Lost In Caves And Can Save You

How Meditation Helped Thai Boys Stuck in Cave

Meditation is Not Just For Religious Worship After more than two weeks, the youth soccer team, the Boars, consisting of twelve teen Thai boys

Despite Fears, Christian Should be Practicing Meditation

Despite Fears, Christians Should be Practicing Meditation

Meditation is an important tool for religious reflection Meditation has gotten a bad reputation in certain Christian circles. The belief is that meditation is

Huge Sikh Festival in NYC

Huge Sikh “Meditation Celebration” Festival and Parade in NYC

Sikh ‘Meditation Celebration’ was held in NYC April 28. Thousands of Sikhs gathered during the afternoon of April 28 for what is officially known

Why Was Katy Perry At A Vatican Conference?

Why Was Katy Perry At A Vatican Conference?

Katy Perry participated in a conference sponsored by Pontifical Culture and CURA. The Vatican was the venue for an expensive conference where Katy Perry,