religions and meditation

Meditation is Common in Many Religions

Meditation is independent of any religious practice Unlike popular perception, meditation is not the principal characteristic of Eastern religions alone.[/tweetit] It is a secular

Brother Nakulananda - Self- Realization Fellowship

What is Meditation? The Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

An Introduction to the Kriya Yoga Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda Thousands of people from around the world will gather at the Self-Realization Fellowship World

Today is International Yoga Day

The fourth annual International Yoga Day is being celebrated by major brands across the world. Take a deep breath, now breathe out. Today is

Buddhist Says Meditation is Scientifically Proven to Make Your Life Better

Buddhist master says science proves meditation improves the quality of lives. Famous Buddhist monk Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the propagator of Tergar meditation, says scientists

Harvard has a New Free Online Course About Buddhism

Harvard University's new "Buddhism Through its Scriptures" free online course. The rise in demand to learn about Buddhism has resulted in a number of

Meditation in the Big Noise: Find Your Inner Peace in New York City

Buddhist street meditation sessions in busy areas of New York are becoming popular among New Yorkers, proving meditation can be done anywhere. While traditional

Meditation Museums Being Used for Healing After Tragedy

The Meditation Museums offer healing help in times of tragedy. In the wake of the recent violent events in Ft. Myers, Orlando, Minneapolis, Baton

Tyler Glenn

Neon Trees Frontman on Meditation and Leaving Mormonism

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees on sound bath meditation and his disavowed Mormon faith. Tyler Glenn is the lead vocalist and keyboardist of Neon

Beautiful Photos on Display Reveal Secret Tantric Buddhist Temple

Photographer Thomas Laird is sharing photos of murals inside a secret tantric Buddhist Temple meant to only be viewed by Dalai Lamas. From November

Meditation Apps

The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Apps: How Tech Can Help You Be Mindful

Meditation apps can help you live in the present moment, feel happier, and be more at peace with your life. If you are reading this