Meditation Museums Being Used for Healing After Tragedy

The Meditation Museums offer healing help in times of tragedy.

In the wake of the recent violent events in Ft. Myers, Orlando, Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and France, the Meditation Museums located in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. have become safe havens for healing, reflection and peace during times of tragedy. Over the past two weeks, the Museums have hosted back-to-back events ranging from conversations around race, gender, religion, and politics to applying spirituality to all of these usually divisive topics.

Meditation Museums Being Used for Healing After Tragedy[/tweetthis]

The Museum’s events help people cope with the constant barrage of chaos in times when we are supposed to keep our calm. When entering the Meditation Museums, visitors are taken on a tour of the various religions and faiths to find their common ground. In addition, a new installation titled “Soul Awareness/Body Awareness” depicts both the positive and negative states of thinking. As the tour concludes, the visitors are shown a silent room for meditation as well as the question, “Who Am I?” prominently displayed on the wall for self-reflection.

Sister Jenna, founder and director of the Meditation Museums in SilverSpring, Maryland and McLean, Virginia and host of the globally broadcast America Meditating Radio Show, is an expert in times of urgency. Like an alchemist, she can turn a crisis into spiritual solutions. In a recent discussion at the Meditation Museum with best-selling author Marianne Williamson and evolutionary leader, Stephen Dinan, they engaged the audience on issues from why
#alllivesmatter or #allsoulsmatter and why this current state of purging in America is necessary. Sister Jenna shared, “When you give birth it is painful and we are currently experiencing intense labor pains. The result can be the birth of a new generation of an America that works in the highest interest of all.”

As a gift to the world, the Meditation Museum’s popular Pause for Peace App offers a variety of meditations, videos, talks, and articles on how best to deal with relationships and nurture our lives. During these charged times which bring up a lot of suppressed emotions, it’s imperative that we all come together to ask ourselves critical questions in hopes of reaching true answers through conversation.

Many folks are challenged with how to meditate, but taking small steps towards applying this practice and consistency, can help in coping with tragic events. Meditation is a vital tool that expands our personal strength and capacity for healing. Sister Jenna adds, “While it is fine to meditate on your own, I deeply believe in times of collective fear, insecurity, and pain – it is best to seek out a community with which you are comfortable. The events and workshops provided by the Meditation Museum have offered simple yet practical tools to recognize where you hold biases, hatred, or fear within the self. The source of all healing must begin with the self.”

The public can stay engaged with on-going conversations and events on the Meditation Museum’s Facebook and Twitter pages where it provides inspirations and meditations. In addition, the Brahma Kumaris meditation centers around the world offer meditation sessions and workshops to help build inner strength and resilience.

Meditation is quickly being recognized as a go to practice for healing, relaxing from daily stress, helping in relationships, and even in shaping the way we see our country and our world.

Sister Jenna emphasizes, “It’s my pure wish that one day our policymakers will all have a practice of meditation that will determine the policies they create from that inner place of clarity and wisdom that comes when one meditates. During these turbulent times, we are being called to service more than ever. If we do not change and heal ourselves, we will have to settle with living in a loveless world.”

With a sense of urgency – we are all being called to do our part in healing ourselves to be able to birth this new America and new planet together.

Located in the Washington, D.C. area, the Meditation Museums invite visitors to enhance the quality of their thoughts, their lives and the world around them. The Meditation Museums feature interactive displays and tailored training sessions providing tools of transformative power to help people realize their full potential as individuals. For more information, please visit

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