Kosher Toys Spice Up Jewish Sex


A Jewish rabbi opens a sex toy shop. What sounds like the start of a joke is really a rabbi’s mission to promote healthy sexual living among Jewish couples.

Rabbi Natan Alexander has hit the nail on the head in his endeavor to provide ultra-Orthodox Jewish couples a way of being Better Together. Though the idea had been brewing for years, he and a Torah study buddy joined forces to build a Kosher sex site online that offers products that can bring couples closer together. In addition to 200 different products (like an Eiffel Tower shaped dildo), the site offers professional sex therapist’s advice, and the opportunity to send in more personal questions about the mechanics of sex, protection and other details that may have been glossed over in the Church, by parents or by the rabbi.

Rabbi Alexander has had any women ask him how they can get their husband to go that extra mile in bed with them, particularly when the couple has been together for some time.

However, it goes beyond that, according to David Ribner and Naomi Marmon Grument. Naomi founded the Eden Center, which addresses Jewish women’s problems. She has experienced many ultra-Orthodox couples seeking fertility treatments only to realize the woman in question was still a virgin after the Rabbi had simply instructed that the two “sleep together.” The modest extremity, she said, is harmful and sends “unhealthy messages” that promote guilt and shame. Ribner, writer of The Newlywed Guide to Physical Intimacy, is an ordained rabbi and sexual therapist. He spoke of how little media they ingest, which can further prevent them from learning “what parts go in where” among other aspects about sex.

Alexander told Times of Israel that the website targets two types of people: the couple with specific issues and the couple simply trying to spice up their sex life. The website is complete with sections for FAQ, blogging, forums and explanation sections for each section of the website.


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