Halal Pastures

Faith-based Pursuit of Nourishing Food Gives Rise to Sustainable Farm

With the industrial food system common to farming in the United States, from the way slaughterhouses are run to the pesticides used on crop

Grabbing a Cheeseburger: Enlightened Kashrut

Grabbing a Cheeseburger: Enlightened Kashrut

An enlightened approach to Jewish education begins by teaching not from the standpoint of religion In my last article, we set basic educational guidelines

Rabbi Shocks With Unparalleled Approval of Cloned Pigs As Kosher

Rabbi Shocks With Unparalleled Approval of Cloned Pigs As Kosher

Artificial Meat Would Not Be Prohibited Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a well known Israeli Orthodox rabbi, told an Israeli media house that it would be

You Can Now Get a Kosher Hot Dog at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Stadium will be the 13th national park to offer kosher hot dogs. What do you order on your hotdog for a baseball game?

Rabbis Find Marijuana to be Kosher

via video screenshot NY Orthodox Rabbis certify medical marijuana as kosher. Medical marijuana or medical cannabis which is the use of cannabis and its

Sushi Now Approved for Passover Consumption

The rules have changed - sushi is now Kosher for Passover. Passover or Pesach, a Biblically-derived Jewish festival, begins this Friday. It is an

Kosher Toys Spice Up Jewish Sex

A Jewish rabbi opens a sex toy shop. What sounds like the start of a joke is really a rabbi's mission to promote healthy

Saffron Road Halal Food

Halal Food Company Finds Inspiration in Kosher Company’s Slogan

Saffron Road serves halal foods to Muslims much like kosher predecessor Hebrew National does for Jews. Many religions have tight rules on what can and