Saffron Road Halal Food

Halal Food Company Finds Inspiration in Kosher Company’s Slogan

Saffron Road Halal Food

Saffron Road serves halal foods to Muslims much like kosher predecessor Hebrew National does for Jews.

Many religions have tight rules on what can and cannot be eaten, and both Judaism and Islam have very specific guidelines on how food should be prepared. This means that halal meat for Muslims and kosher for Jews are key aspects of their diet and Adnan A. Durrani has made it his mission to make halal products much more accessible to those living in New York.

He has opened a food line called Saffron Road, which specialises in entrees, meats, and other foods specifically prepared under halal rules. This means that they adhere to the Muslim religious standard, and can assure Muslim people that they can relax about the food that they buy. After all, in an America that is becoming more and more Islamaphobic, it is comforting to visit a store that not only recognizes but purposefully fulfills your religious diet needs.

Although Durrani started out small, his halal foods are fast becoming popular both within and without the Islamic community. Many people believe that food prepared in this way is better for you, and prefer halal meats to more typical meats. Saffron Road is now offering over fifty different products to its customers, and has had a record sales year of $35 million.

What is so refreshing about Durrani’s company, however, is not just the products, but the mindset. He was originally inspired by certain quote: “We answer to a higher authority” which is the motto of Jewish kosher food provider, Hebrew National. Durrani has also brought two very different men on board to help expand the business Jack Acree, who is a deacon in a Dutch Reformed church, and an ally in the Whole Foods company Errol Schweizer, who is Jewish. The mixture of religious outlooks are brought together by their commitment to healthy and sustainable foods.


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