Halal Pastures

Faith-based Pursuit of Nourishing Food Gives Rise to Sustainable Farm

With the industrial food system common to farming in the United States, from the way slaughterhouses are run to the pesticides used on crop

Morrissey Brands Halal Meat as Racism Against Animals

Morrissey Brands Halal Meat as Racism Against Animals

Morrissey blamed both the Conservative and Labour Parties for their supposed ineffectiveness Morrissey, the former frontman of The Smiths, made several pronouncements during an

Muslim Dating Apps See a Surge in Membership After Trump’s Election

Muslims are finding love online President Trump spent a lot of time preaching against Islam during his campaign. Forty-five days after being sworn in,

Muslim Food Taking Oklahoma Thunder Basketball Team by Storm

Halal food hits the spot with NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team has discovered that halal food, a culinary offshoot

Muslim Students Bullied More in California

55% of California Muslim students have reported being bullied. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has found that Muslim students in California are bullied

Saffron Road Halal Food

Halal Food Company Finds Inspiration in Kosher Company’s Slogan

Saffron Road serves halal foods to Muslims much like kosher predecessor Hebrew National does for Jews. Many religions have tight rules on what can and