Morrissey Brands Halal Meat as Racism Against Animals

Morrissey Brands Halal Meat as Racism Against Animals

Morrissey Brands Halal Meat as Racism Against Animals
By Charlie Llewellin from Austin, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Morrissey blamed both the Conservative and Labour Parties for their supposed ineffectiveness

Morrissey, the former frontman of The Smiths, made several pronouncements during an interview. He attacked not only pillars of the present political establishment like Theresa May, Sadiq Khan, and Diane Abbott, but his ire was also directed against halal meat producers.

Morrissey Brands Halal Meat as Racism Against Animals[/tweetthis]

Morrissey described halal slaughter as an evil practice.[/tweetit] The 58-year-old singer made these claims on his website. He claimed that the technique of halal needs approval from “supporters of ISIS.” This practice involves taking a live animal and cutting its throat so that the blood drains out. Those Muslims who wish to do so must have a competency certificate from Food Standards Agency. The person concerned must have worked in any approved abattoirs.

For those who know him, Morrissey's statements are in sync with what he said before. He is known to make periodic controversial statements relating to race. He once labeled the Chinese as “sub-species.” The singer has also made it clear he is against immigration to Britain. He has a penchant for blasting those whose ideologies lie on the left side of the political spectrum. Morrissey pointed out Adolf Hitler was leftwing, and if “someone calls you racist,” then that person has already lost the argument. As per the singer, the person concerned has no suitable answer and thus sidesteps the issue by using the term bigot.

Morrissey argues that racism against animals is the worst form of bigotry. According to him, eating an animal amounts to hatred against certain species. He said that no one has the right to consume other species or race. To push forward his argument, he asked if the interviewer would eat a Sri Lankan?

The ex-Smiths frontman harbors a particular grudge against halal meat. He slammed all mainstream UK political parties-specially the Conservatives and Labour- for their support of this Islamic technique of animal slaughter. Morrissey claimed that contrary to their name, Conservatives do not conserve at all and they destroyed British heritage. Labour was also berated by him, claiming the party supports FGM, child marriage, and halal slaughter. He alleged that both Labour and Conservative parties are amoral, and one should not vote for either party.


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