Holy Air Movie Pokes Fun At Spiritual Tourism

Movie Holy Air Pokes Fun At Spiritual Tourism in Israel

Holy Air Movie Pokes Fun At Spiritual Tourism
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Satire about Tourism, Religion, and Politics

A new Israeli comedy is making fun of spiritual tourism. The movie is called Holy Air. It was created by writer-director-lead actor Shady Sror.

The story is about a struggling entrepreneur named Adam who decides to sell bottles of air taken from Mt. Precipice, the mountain where Jesus jumped off and landed safely. Adam is a different type of huckster. He does go to the mountain to “fill” bottles with the air. The movie follows his antics in his business.

The movie looks at the commodification of religious relics in Nazareth and spiritual tourism. The movie has the Catholic Church, the Israeli Tourism Board, and a local crime syndicate all vying for a piece of the holy air business.

The movie also represents the difference between liberal and more conservative views of Israelis represented by the wife of Adam, played by Laëtitia Eïdo and his father, played by Tarik Kopty.

The movie has opened to mostly positive reviews calling it extremely witty, but at times meandering. No religious organization nor the Israeli government has spoken out about the movie.


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